Who We Are


A global company that delivers advanced ICT solutions and services, helping our clients through their business and digital transformation journey.

Our Origin

Kiwilytics was first established in Auckland, New Zealand. ‘Kiwi’ is a unique and curious bird native to New Zealand. It is the national icon of New Zealand and its unofficial national emblem. Kiwilytics started in New Zealand, and here is where the name comes from, combining both the origin and the ‘analytics’. 

We are a leading ICT service provider. We have been entrusted by various companies all over the world with 100% satisfaction rate in the US, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

What We Do

"There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves - those that don't adapt, will fail."
- Jeff Bezos

Digital transformation is very crucial yet if done wrong can be extremely challenging. Our mission is to create a smooth yet reliable process of transformation to pave your pathway towards being a data-driven organisation. With the combination of our experts with the best-of-breed technologies worldwide, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We leverage our geographical locations and strategic partnerships to provide you 24/7 service around the clock. 

Our objective is to become your trusted ICT partner for all services that enable your organisation to transform digitally.

Around the Clock

Our team of experts are serving 5 continents in their local time zones.

Extended Experience

We hire the top in the market, our team of experts have wide range of experience across platforms and in industries.

100% Satisfied Clients

We serve businesses in the Government, Telecommunications, Health, Insurance, Financial, Real Estate, and Construction Industries, with 100% Satisfaction rate.