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A global digital transformation technology provider specialised in data, analytics and cloud solutions.

About Us

Kiwilytics Ltd. provides data, analytics, and cloud servicesOur headquarters is in Auckland, New Zealand and our team of experts work around the clock to assist businesses in 5 continents through their digital transformation journey.

What We Offer

Our cloud experts analyse your current architecture and business needs, and find the most cost efficient cloud solution that protects your data and allows your business to grow.

Kiwilytics Academy®

Training & Enablement

Let our team of overseas talents take care of your operations 24/7 leveraging the extended time zones we operate in, and our multilingual team.

Our consultants analyse your business, and help you find the right optimum solution for your business and implement it in the most time and cost efficient way.

Hire from our expert IT talents to join your team on-premises or remotely.

Why Choose Kiwilytics?

Technology: State of the Art Vendor Agnostic

After Sales: 24/7 Support 

Experience: Diverse Experience in 5 Continents

Quality: 100% Satisfied Clients 

Price: Cost-Efficient Solutions

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The new data warehouse that is now worth $90 Billion in market cap and is running in over 3000 companies worldwide!

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